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The project “Unión” is an artistic collaboration between the Spanish artist collective Boa Mistura and the Puerto Rican artist Myke Towers. “Unión” reflects those invisible bonds that connect people and places beyond cultural, racial, or social differences.

Music and Art are connecting vectors that cross borders.


The work comprises six abstract, individual pieces, painted in 6 different places (Santo Domingo, Mexico City, Santiago de Chile, Madrid, San Juan, and Medellín). Together, they make up the word UNIÓN.

We carried out the project in March 2021 in the communities of La Zurza in Santo Domingo, Copilco University’s Unidad Habitacional Issste in Mexico City, Renca in Santiago de Chile, La Cañada Real in Madrid, Río Piedras in San Juan and Comuna 13 in Medellín. All of them are now connected through this work. Union of countries, communities and people.

Sports courts are the neighborhoods' hearts. A large part of the community's activities is articulated around them. Courts are squares, stadiums, dance halls, and concert stages.
That's why we aim at sports courts as the project's canvas.

Santo Domingo

Ciudad de México

Santiago de Chile


San Juan



We approach the design by placing the six courts vertically, one next to each other, conforming a single, horizontal canvas where we develop the design.
We write the word UNION overlapped twice, both in regular and italic versions.
The word reacts to the central line, becoming a bit darker.

Over this composition, we split and adjust individually each court, adapting the design to the morphologic singularity of each one of them.

Information and credits
    • Total size of the intervention: 2.500 m2 aprox.
    • All courts painted with sport enamel over concrete pavement
    • Project developed with the support of Myke TowersBuena Vibra and White World Music
    • Thanks to Max Pérez Escudero and Natalia Nieto from Buena Vibra, for making it happen
    • Size of the court: 12,20 wide x 23,5 height
    • Support from the Neighbor association of La Zurza and the Rottweilers sport club
    • Thanks to Monchi, Bryan, Juan, Nelson, Chef and the Rottweilers Sport Club. To Elia, Alex and Chileng, and to all of La Zurza neighbors
    • Aerial shots by Isern Cinema
    • Size of the court:: 15,06 wide x 28,05 height
    • Thanks to Javier and family, Brenda, Maribel Soto, Rodrigo Casas, Roberto H "Dronerobert", neighbors from the Unidad Habitacional Copilco ISSSTE
    • Aerial shot by Drone Robert
    • Size of the court: 17,60 wide x 30 height
    • With the support from Lira Arte Público
    • Thanks to all Lira Arte Público team for making this stage possible, to all the neighbors from La Renca
    • Aerial fromMatías Baeza
    • MADRID
    • Size of the court: 9,66 wide x 17,20 height
    • Support from Asociación el Fanal and Cáritas
    • Thanks to Blanca Pastor, Pablo Choza, Tarik and his family, and all of the neighbors from La Cañada Real
    • Aerials by Boa Mistura
    • SAN JUAN
    • Size of the court: 16 wide x 26,6 height
    • Support from Max Pérez, Natalia Nieto and all of the team from Buena Vibra
    • Thanks to Alexis Díaz, Ilexander Rivera, David Zayas, Zeriel and all the neighbors from Río Piedras Heights
    • Aerials by Ilexander Rivera
    • Size of the court: 18 wide x 35,8 height
    • Support from Casa Kolacho
    • Gracias a Jeihhco, Elizabeth and all the parceros and parceras from Casa Kolacho who helped us: Mike Graff, Nerón, Shura, Tatam, Jomak, Bombi Sonbat, Don Gil, Simón "Sky Solutions Drones", Taller de Arquitectos, Amparo's family and all the neighbors from Cuatro Esquinas, Comujna 13
    • Aerials by Sky Solutions Drones
    • Execution team: Diego Vicente, María Corrales, Irene García, Javier Ballesteros, Susana Contreras and Lira Arte Público
    • Photography and video by Boa Mistura, Dan BarreriGonzalo P. Martos y Matías Baeza
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