Tiempo / Lugar

Madrid, Spain

Bruno Zevi, Frank Gehry, Frank Lloyd Wright, Mies Van Der Rohe are some of the most remarkable architects who have made reflections about these two concepts.

This large amount of conceptions place ourselves in front of one of the classic thoughts of the Architecture: time and place.
In this case, the work frame is the Public Space intervention workshop by Boa Mistura at the Efímeras Master, in the School of Architecture in Madrid.

This is a very quick process of two weeks duration, aiming to give a solution to a particular space. This time was the hallway next to the Master room.

Work process

The students are the ones who link the work area to these two concepts. They think about what it is, and what can this hallway be. Taking that as a starting point, a lot of concepts and words came up. these two words were finally chosen, and came to life in shape of two crossed anamorphic paintings.

Reflection and practice are crossed, turning them into the very same work. The concepts connects us to the «LUGAR» (PLACE) where we are, and the «TIEMPO» (TIME) when the work is materialized. We think from the memory of the place, and materialized it in our timeframe.

Information and credits
  • 450 m2 intervention in a hallway at the first floor of the Architecture School main building
  • The project is framed inside the Efímeras Master 2018
  • Plastic water-based paint on wall
  • Thanks to Carmen Blasco, for her determination to make it possible. And to our students: Mariano, John, Cristina, Rosa, María, Andrea García, Johanny, Daniela, Lorena and Irene for filling the school with color
  • Assistant profesor: Pablo G. Mena
  • Support at the studio: Clara González
  • Photography by Boa Mistura
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