Te deix, amor, la mar com a penyora

Can Picafort, Spain

Intervention for the mural-arts-festival Saladina Art Fest, painted on the tidal barrier at Can Picafort, a town located in the middle of Alcudia bay, Mallorca.

We propose to write a quote by the Mallorcan writer Carme Riera, taken from two of her short stories related to the sea.
We used a silver enamel that changes its shade throughout the day, sparkling as a memory of the sea reflections.

The quote

“I lend you, my love, the sea as a pledge, as the seagulls are my witness”. This quote is composed of the titles from two different short-story books written by Carme Riera. In these famous works, “Riera uses a fresh new style which uses the Mallorcan slang to create a taboo-subjects based narrative. In these narrations, the sea gets a really important role, to the point of driving the characters mad.”

Why painting in silver?

The silver color brings us memories of fish whirls dancing with the sun rays, or those sparkles reflected by the surface of the sea. Thoughts of the sea like a mirror of the day.

We apply the metallic enamel onto a white background, with the purpose of making the work disappear according to how the sunlight falls upon it. The shade of the silver slightly changes, getting a different hue at every minute.

During the first hours in the morning, when the sun is behind the work, the silver turns into a dark -almost black- gray. The contrast is the highest of the day.

At noon, as the light hits straight on the wall, the contrast between the letters and the background minimizes, making the words appear and disappear according to the situation of the observer. The letters sparkle brightly white over an orangish background, resulting from the reflection of the Mallorcan sunset.

Information and credits
  • 100 m long and 1,3 m height mural painting, located at the tidal barrier of the port of Can Picafort, in Mallorca
  • Painted in October 2018 during the Saladina Art Fest
  • We want to thank Joan CabrerIvan Floro, Miguel Wert y and Joan Sanz for their great company and shared talent. It’s been a privilege having lived with you guys those
  • To Carne Riera, for her talent and generosity
  • Boa team: Diego Vicente
  • Support at the studio: Clara González
  • Photos by Sres. Smith and Boa Mistura
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