Te deix, amor, la mar com a penyora

Can Picafort, Spain

Intervention for the mural-arts-festival Saladina Art Fest, painted on the tidal barrier at Can Picafort, a town located in the middle of Alcudia bay, Mallorca.

We propose to write a quote by the Mallorcan writer Carme Riera, taken from two of her short stories related to the sea.
We used a silver enamel that changes its shade throughout the day, sparkling as a memory of the sea reflections.

Information and credits
  • 100 m long and 1,3 m height mural painting, located at the tidal barrier of the port of Can Picafort, in Mallorca
  • Painted in October 2018 during the Saladina Art Fest
  • We want to thank Joan CabrerIvan Floro, Miguel Wert y and Joan Sanz for their great company and shared talent. It’s been a privilege having lived with you guys those
  • To Carne Riera, for her talent and generosity
  • Boa team: Diego Vicente
  • Support at the studio: Clara González
  • Photos by Sres. Smith and Boa Mistura
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