Te comería a versos

Madrid y Barcelona, España

This project is an act of love done by artists and poets to humanize our cities.

Information and credits

This project has been carried out independently of institutions and companies. All the people involved in it have given their talent, work, and effort sincerely and altruistically to make this city a little more human.


  • Verses by Rayden, extracted from the songs "A mi yo de ayer", "Matemática de la carne", "Magia blanca" and "Viviendo en gerundio". From the album "En alma y hueso".
  • Verses by Leiva, extracted from the songs "Francesita", "Tu respiración", "Vis a vis" and "Nunca nadie". From the albums "Diciembre", "Aviones" and "Pólvora". And the unreleased song "La ciudad pintada".


  • Verses by Montse Aroca, Amaia Crespo, María Leach and Estel Solé
  • Execution team: Diego Vicente, Daniel de Julio, Pablo García Mena
  • Photographs by Boa Mistura
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