Soy porque somos

Mexico City, Mexico

The difference is what makes us humans. Although we are unique, we create new lives according to our differences. Each one of these, different from the other one. Each one of us is an essential part of a whole.

This privileged spot in the center of Mexico City, located at Paseo de Reforma, was the perfect ocasion to express powerfully that we are like leaves from the same tree, with our unique nuance, but with the same root. We are joint by a robust and firm trunk, which root is common to everyone. An individual is such a thing because is part of a greater thing.


For our tree, we have been deeply inspired by the trees of life. These clay sculptures are usually crafted by artisans in the center of Mexico. They are part of the Mexican identity and very present in the imaginary of the country.

Trees of life have always been used to tell stories. Since the first sculptures, in a very early colonial time, they used to tell the story of the creation of man. Nowadays, these crafts speak about the duality of life and death or the relationship between man and the natural world.

We’ve respectfully reinterpreted the shapes, rhythms, and colors of these works of art, to create our own life tree, giving it a new story to tell. Our tree speaks about diversity and the differences that make us unique.

Information and credits
  • 1.000m2 mural on the facade at 403 Paseo de Reforma, right next to the Diana Cazadora fountain
  • Plastic water-based paint for exteriors on floors
  • Commissioned and produced by Adán Villarreal – The Beauty Project for Absolut Street Trees
  • We want to thank Adán Villareal for his effort to take us there and make this dream come true, and Airlite México Airlite México for making it possible
  • Boa team: Diego Vicente
  • Support at the studio: Clara González
  • Photography by Absolut, Fausto fotógrafo, Lily_mosaicarte and Boa Mistura
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