Mérida, Spain

The Murals with Objective program seeks to raise awareness of the values of dignity, justice and respect for people and the environment, promoted by the Sustainable Development Goals.
In our contribution to the project, in November 2019, we have worked on objective number 10; Inequalities reduction.

The concepto

We are, in the plural.
"Somos" (We are), as many times as groups make up civil society.
"Somos" (We are). With our biological, psychological, social, historical differences and cultural practices and particularities.
No person, within the plurality, is worth more than another.
No collective is worth less than another.

Equality is allowing ourselves to be unique and different people. Being part of the “We are”.

Information and credits
  • Project developed on a 111.60 m2 plot of land in the Nueva Ciudad Polígono, in Mérida, during the month of November 2019
  • Infinite thanks to Julio C. Vázquez, for wanting to join this beautiful initiative of Murales con Objetivos
  • Thanks to Raquel, Ana and the entire Association of Cultural Managers of Extremadura (AGCEX) for connecting with the neighbors of the Bellavista neighborhood.
  • To the Extremadura Agency for International Development Cooperation (AEXCID), to the Ministry of Culture and Equality and to the City of Mérida for the support.
  • And infinite thanks to all the neighbors, teachers, professors and students of the C.E.I.P. José Maria Calatrava, of the I.ES Extremadura and of the I.E.S Sáez de Buruaga who accompanied us staining your hands with us and for empowering you with the work.
  • Photography by Boa Mistura.
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