On October 2, 2020, more than 4,000 people were left without electricity, including 1,800 minors. Today, the problem continues, even if it has remained in the shadows of media and social attention.

“SEGUIMOS LUCHANDO” (WE KEEP STRUGGLING) is an installation of four solar-powered light garlands, whose slogan “SEGUIMOS A OSCURAS / SEGUIMOS LUCHANDO / QUEREMOS CONTRATOS / LUZ PARA CAÑADA” (WE ARE STILL IN THE DARK / WE KEEP STRUGGLING / WE WANT CONTRACTS / LIGHT FOR CAÑADA) calls for the formalization of the contracts with the electricity companies so that light can return to the Cañada once and for all.

The aggressive policies of the Commissioner of the Government of the Community of Madrid for the Cañada Real Galiana aim to extinguish the flame of the neighbors’ struggle and generate a climate of demotivation to defeat that favors political interests.

During Christmas, Madrid has 171 illuminated streets for 3.6 million euros. Fourteen kilometers away, the homes of La Cañada resist winter after winter, trying to avoid energy poverty with precarious self-supply systems, which barely cover basic needs a few hours a day.

Within this challenging context, we install Christmas lights in the Cañada, and from the evocative of this imaginary, we launch a solid message to defend human rights.


The installation, approved and realized with the support of the "Plataforma por el Derecho a la Luz en Cañada Real" and private contributions, was assembled with the help of volunteers in our studio.

It consists of four solar-powered LED light garlands that, hung on catenaries, fly over the roadway in the heart of sector six and light up automatically at dusk.

Commissioning took place during the last days of 2021.

Information and credits
  • The installation covers about 150 meters longitudinally by about 7 meters wide.
  • Steel cable, wire, and solar-powered LED strips
  • With the support of Plataforma por el Derecho a la Luz en Cañada Real, Más Madrid, CCOO, and Tabadol Cultural
  • Thanks to Paz Nuñez, María Pilar (Cuca) Sánchez Álvarez, and Houda Akrirez for their initiative. To all the volunteers who were involved in the process of assembling the garlands.
  • Execution team: Irene García, Javier Ballesteros, and María Corrales
  • Photos by Boa Mistura, Arthur Wong, David Arenal, and Javi Baeza Atienza
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