Paris, France

This intervention at Place Charles de Monselet in the 19th arrondissement of Paris belongs to the art residency program Bien-Venue, carried out by Le CentQuatre cultural center.

The objective is to develop public and participatory art and cultural programs in the 19th arrondissement, a decentralized district with less priority for the administration.

We write the word “Rencontre” (meeting) because it represents squares as elements of social cohesion and reflects a neighborhood whose main characteristic is its socio-cultural diversity.

Besides, the unique temporal context in which we executed the work strengthens the chosen word. We traveled to Paris amidst a global pandemic, with rigorous health controls which did not allow us to make the participatory process. As a result, only a few neighbors and students collaborated, bringing out the social need for working together to overcome these situations.


Paris' 19th district is located on the northeast side of the city. It is a quiet residential area. Its main feature is the multicultural side, with French, Portuguese, and North Africans living together.

Charles de Monselet square is in the merge of Boulevard D'Algerie and Boulevard Sérurier. The chosen wall faces the plaza's east side and is highly visible from the Avenue de la Porte du Pré Saint-Gervais and the Robert-Debré child Hospital.

This small square is mainly a crossing point for the neighbors who catch the tram next to the square. However, it also represents a
meeting point for different generations. Children use the playground; youngsters hang out on the afternoons, and elder plays pétanque.

Design and participation

We carry out the design process by giving workshops with different neighbor collectives. For example, in the schools Romainville and Eugénie Cotton, we conducted surveys and drawing activities. On the other hand, we proposed a neighbor meeting at the L'Accorderie, where we had an exciting discussion and brainstorming looking for words.

We found the word RENCONTRE to portray the time and place in which the work is executed.
We write the word three times to create chromatic and geometric rhythms along the wall.

Information and credits
  • 51 m width x 3 m height intervention
  • Plastic paint and waterbased enamel on limestone and metal wall
  • Project developed in the frame of Bien-Venue Art residencies by Le Centquatre Cultural Center
  • Thanks to all the 19th arrondisement neighbors and the students from Romainville and Eugéne Cotton schools, for taking part on the proect
  • Thanks to José Manuel Gonçálves for trusting in us
  • Thanks to Clara Chalou, Delphine Marcadet, Sonia Khiter, Elsa Lemesle and Celia for their neat production
  • To Anne-Flore Cabanis and Jann Vormann for their amazing company
  • Studio support: Maria Vadell and Alba Sánchez
  • Execution team: María Corrales and Irene García
  • Photography by Boa Mistura and Quentin Chevrier
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