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RE-VS. is an artistic project that explores the relationship between the physical and the virtual world, between public and private space, and between the collective and the individual through the modifications that one suffers as a consequence of the actions that occurred in the other.

It establishes relationships between plastic and digital art and a performance broadcast in streaming. The resulting mural reflects the impact generated by the digital market on a physical piece.

RE-VS. | Boa Mistura
Starting point. Mural on February 22, 2023
RE-VS. | Boa Mistura
Endpoint. The mural was completed on February 26, 2023.


The initial design takes the word VERSUS, a Latin participle whose meaning is to “show contrast or confrontation between two entities, concepts, or things.”
The project’s starting point is a 12 x 12 m mural with this word.
The same digital design is divided into a grid of 7 X 5 individual and unique sectors.

RE-VS. | Boa Mistura

Physical mural versus digital design divided into sectors

RE-VS. | Boa Mistura

Project evolution process


The design becomes a 5-minute video loop that begins and ends at the same point as the physical work.

In between, the piece undergoes formal and chromatic alterations that continuously generate different compositions. Each NFT was a .mov file certified with a smart contract acquired through the platform.

RE-VS. | Boa Mistura


The project was presented in the ARCOmadrid 2023 Contemporary Art Fair context.

During all the days of ARCO, Boa Mistura remained on the wall for 24 hours to proceed to the live removal of the NFT sold through the OBILUM sales platform, simultaneously with the exact moment of acquisition.

We made a public streaming connection through our youtube channel and an installation of 35 synchronized monitors showing the original NFTs that could be seen at the PONCE + ROBLES booth, which remained active during the five days of the Fair.

RE-VS. | Boa Mistura
RE-VS. | Boa Mistura
RE-VS. | Boa Mistura

Streaming stills between February 22 and 26, 2023


According to the sale of NFTs, the mural evolved generatively from day to day. The removal took place live. At the end of the Fair, the initial mural was transformed into a new work.

RE-VS. | Boa Mistura
RE-VS. | Boa Mistura
RE-VS. | Boa Mistura
RE-VS. | Boa Mistura
RE-VS. | Boa Mistura

The project was promoted with the Ministry of Culture and Sports aid to promote contemporary Spanish art.

Information and credits
  • Total intervention: 120 m2 approximately
  • Plastic painting on cement wall. Collection of 35 videos in .mov format with NFT certificate
  • Project realized with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Sports for the promotion of contemporary Spanish art
  • Realized in collaboration with Ponce+Robles gallery within the framework of ARCOmadrid 2023
  • Curated by TAC7
  • With the digital support of Obilum Art
  • Streaming by Art & Techno
  • Digital support by SONO
  • Project realized with the support of Cervezas Alhambra
  • Thanks to José Robles and Raquel Ponce, and the Ponce+Robles gallery team for their commitment to the project
  • Thanks to Sergio, aka The Bloody Wasp, and all the Art and Techno team for their patience and dedication
  • Thanks to Carmen Ballesta, Carlos Matilla, Antonio, and the Obilum team
  • Thanks to all the collectors who contributed to the final configuration of the mural
  • Execution team: Irene García, Javier Ballesteros, Jorge Muñoz
  • Photographs by Boa Mistura
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