Panama City, Panama

«Wisdom represents the highest level of knowledge. It is considered the divine verb, since it is eternal and uncreated.»

The intervention takes place at the «Ciudad del Saber» (City of knowledge), that is why we made an interpretation of its essence: Wisdom, meaning the mixture of Thinking and Feeling. To Think as a rational, meditated and learned act and to Feel as an intrinsic, free and uncontrolled act.

Intervention at the old ecunemical temple

The spot for the intervention was the Ecumenical Temple of the «Ciudad del Saber». Built in 1965 as a neutral space with no particular religious rite, the «multi-denominational chapel», has turned today into an exhibition centre. The most iconic characteristic of the building is the rythm of the lateral elevation. Each façade has 11 buttresses of a 1m width that are separated by 2,60 m which are standing out by 80 cm of the plane. This characteristic creates a game of lights, shadows, and overlapped volumes that seemed very interesting to us. The clearest way to give a solution to this space was the technique of the “Anamorphosis»: to generate an optical effect trough the deformation of the perspective which, from a certain point, flattens the space and depicts the words.

The rest of views are an abstract landscape of shapes and colors. We decided to intervene the building in two directions by mixing up the two concepts we were working with: to think and to feel, that once they are mixed, they create wisdom. The intervention is both, poetic and radical. We needed to show a relation with the place and its colors, so we gave a warm color to the word FEEL and a cold color to the word THINK.

Information and credits
  • The approximate dimensions of the project are 30m long x 8m high and it was developed during the month of January 2014 together with the students of the Isthmus of Panama School of Architecture during the 2-week workshop. Week 1 for discussion, proposals and design. Week 2 for execution
  • Plastic water-based paint on wall
  • Developed with support of Isthmus University and the City of Knowledge
  • Photography by Alegre Saporta y Boa Mistura.
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