Os olhos querem o tempo

São Paulo, Brazil

We wrote two verses from the poem «Ponteio», by the São Paulo writer Alcides Villaça, in the perimeter wall of Sesc Osasco cultural center. On one side it can be read «Os olhos querem o tempo, mas as palavras já têm.” (The eyes want time, but words have it already.) And on the opposite direction it can be read “Os olhos tocan primeiro, mas as palavras por fim.” (Eyes touch first, but words finally do.) The intervention takes advantage of the singularity of the surface, made up of 248 concrete pivots, to propose the viewer a new experience while he passes by.

Information and credits
  • The work, of a permanent nature, was developed at the SESC Osasco, Sao Paulo in 2017
  • Thanks to the entire SESC organization for the important work of disseminating culture that they do, for trusting us and for giving us the opportunity to return to Sao Paulo
  • To Alcides Villaça, for the inspiration
  • To Rick Levy for being one of them and making life easier for us there, and to Denise Lopes for being our partying minister
  • Support at the studio: Pablo G. Mena
  • Photography by Boa Mistura
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