Mordida de infinita saudade

Vigo, Spain

In June 2018 we spent a couple of weeks in Vigo, invited by the City Council to participate in the mural program “Vigo city of color”.

The proposition

The galician is an emigrant by nature. They have left so many trails in the ocean that in much of Latin America, all spaniards are galicians.

But whoever leaves Galicia never leaves completely, the infinita saudade is a feeling that accompanies every Galician whose skin is not in the same place as his heart.

Inspired by Xoel López´s verses, we created a skin for the building, apparently abstract but generated by the superposition of the three words: Mordida, Infinita and Saudade.

Generating rhythms of almost musical shapes and colors. The music that produces the heartbeat of that pang of nostalgia for the land that remains behind the emigrant's footsteps.

Information and credits
  • Intervention developed in Vigo during June 2018
  • Plastic water-based paint on wall
  • Boa team:
  • Support at the studio: Clara Gonzalez
  • Photography by Boa Mistura
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