Máscaras de la tirana

Antofagasta, Chile

This intervention is around 7.000 m2 mural paintings in the spot where the neighborhoods Villa las Condes and Corvallis merge. It starts at Vicente Zegers street, ending in Sebastian Bach. It scopes the walls from the Santiago Amengual School and Japón School, and proposes a new urban landscape. It is framed in the urban uplifting project “Pinturas Participativas”, held by the institution CREO Antofagasta and it has been realized collaboratively with the support of neighbors and local artists.

Work area

The project takes on the contact area between Corvallis and Villa Las Condes. We centered efforts on the two biggest walls: Japón School and Santiago Amengual School, as well as the façades facing Vicente Zegers, Abraham Lincoln and Juan Sebastián Bach.

La tirana

The festivity of «La Tirana» is an andean parade that correlates the Pachamama with the Virgin of El Carmen. Every July 16th gathers groups of people from all over the country, specially from the north, who dance nonstop day and night, in order to thank the previous year prays. The village of La Tirana goes from 800 inhabitants to more than 250.000 during the holiday. The mural represents pieces from «La Diablada», the devil masks, one of the most renowned dancings.

It is the neighbors who propose us this topic in a local query. In this area there are several brotherhoods that year by year gather at the Tirana to dance. One week later, these same groups dance through the streets we have painted in which they call the “Tirana Chica”.

During the process we’ve design 10 complete masks, some of them proposed by the two local artists Basco and Lovart. From these masks we’ve framed the eyes to make them stare at you along the way.

Work team

The mural has been realized collaboratively with the participation of more than 200 neighbors during three weeks of work. We want to highlight the compromise of Yamilet, Johny, Johny jr, Marcos, Carlos, Daniel, Don Sergio and Tamara. And to thank the talent from the local artists Camilo aka Zopa, Seba Ovnie, Marte, Leo, Paulo, Katica, Koté, Basco, Cristian, Gabriel, Javiera Aròstica, Jano, Juan Miranda, Franchesca Barrales, Mono and María Corrales.

Information and credits
  • 7.000 m2 mural intervention at the north center of the city, in Villa Las Condes and Corvallis area
  • Plastic water-based on wall
  • It has been directed and financed by the urban development plan from CREO Antofagasta, institution, with the collaboration of Marchantes and Balmaceda Arte Joven as supporting structures at the work field. Always in coordination with the neighbor’s associations from Villa Las Condes and Corvallis
  • We want to thank Pablo López and Pancho Cooper for being the best orchestra directors we’ve ever met, the true engine of the project. To Katy Tapia, Diana and Jean Carla for their social skills
  • It’s been a pleasure working and learning from the artists Zopa, Sepa Ovnie, Marte, Leo, Mono, Paulo Araya, Katica, Koté, Basco, Cristian, Gabriel, Javiera Aròstica, Jano and Juan Miranda
  • It’s been great to share great moments with Yamilet, Johny, Johny jr, Marcos, Carlos, Daniel, Don Sergio, Tamara, Francesca Barrales and all the neighbors of the community
  • Boa Team: Diego Vicente
  • Support at the studio: Àngela Amer, Pablo G. Mena, Dani de Julio
  • Photos by Boa Mistura
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