Más allá de los muros, la calle

Barcelona, España

Three new windows bore into the outer walls of the notorious «Modelo» prison, in the city of Barcelona. «Más allá de los muros, la calle» («beyond these walls, there’s the street»), was the chosen line to represent the historical trace that this building left in the city. A verse by Josep Domènech i Avellanet, writer and prisoner, shot to death by Franco’s regime in 1942.

The project aims to begin to open this iconic building to the city. The long term plan is to turn it into a public housing project, and a public park. It is, therefore, a glance to the future.

We propose to observe the work from outside the walls and read the words that back in the days were also prisoners from whose wrote them. Now, these words «jump» outside the prison. Just like culture, free and uncontrolled, as a present for the city.

Information and credits
  • Intervención realizada junto al estudio de arquitectura AR47, comisionada por del Ajuntament de Barcelona para comenzar a abrir la Modelo
  • Pintura plástica sobre pared
  • Gracies a Montserrat Domínguez, Ariadna Miquel Amengual, Neda Kostandinovic y Joaquim Pascual Sangra por creer en esta locura. A Roger Jornet por diseñarla con nosotros y a Antón Andreu Bruguera por hacerlo real.
  • Equipo de ejecución: Clara González, Dani Martín, Fátima Ferreira
  • Apoyo desde el estudio: Irene García
  • Fotografías por Boa Mistura
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