La vida es movimiento

Madrid, Spain

We are moving therefor we are alive. What is still, dries up and die. That is the reason why the human being has always look for go further and further, by building roads and railways, by sailing the oceans and flying above the clouds.
But not the only physical movement what keeps us alive.

Social unrest keeps the ideals awaken and up in arms. That is another way of feeling alive. The San Cristobal colony lives with the movement -in the broadest sense- running through its veins.

With this intervention we want to pay tribute to a community that has fought for their principles. The movement has maintained the San Cristobal Colony awaken, preserving its identity and neighborhood character despite the circle of fire that the corporate development has created around these 25 blocks.

Information and credits
  • Project developed in September 2018, in an area of ​​800 m2
  • Plastic water-based paint on wall
  • Thanks to Swatch Creative Natives, for supporting the emerging talent in Madrid, and trusting our work
  • Thanks to Urvanity art, great curators and producers
  • To the merchant association, neighbor association and the Chamberí district board for letting us work in such a spectacular canvas
  • Thanks a lot to the Market employees. To Cheli and Gonzalo for your disposition, and to Manuela for turning the lunchtime into the greatest hour of the day
  • To Lola Valdivia , Dan Barreri and Fer Taranco for the exhaustive documentation
  • To Sam, Johanny, Irene, Ana Victoria and Peque for providing the team with the best energy
  • Boa Team: Diego Vicente, Irene García, Pablo G. Mena, Clara González, Johanny Takayama, Samuel Juan Lora, Ana Victoria Taboada
  • Photography by Boa Mistura, Dan Barreri, Fer Taranco and Lola Valdivia
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