Juntos somos barrio

Murcia, Spain

In 2019, from May to June, the artistic mural intervention in four blocks of buildings at the La Paz neighbourhood was realized with the help of the local community.

This project’s main focus was, above all, to alter the perception that the neighbours have of their urban surroundings using a new iconography based in the interpretation of a local identity through a design process and a collaborative consult.

JUNTOS SOMOS BARRIO” (TOGETHER WE ARE NEIGHBORHOOD) was the text the community chose to represent them. A message with great significance that proves it is possible a good interaction between the different communities in a modern urban setting.

The context

Inside these blocks of flats exist three spaces that are especially adequate for artistic action because of the great impact their visibility carries, main avenues perimetric to the neighbourhood and places with great presence inside the public neighbourhood spaces.

These main locations are:

• The great block in front of CEIP Nuestra Señora de La Paz
• Longitudinal block in front of Avenida Primero de Mayo
• Great longitudinal block in front of Avenida de La Fama

La Paz neighbourhood has 50 blocks with different styles, height and dimensions.
Thanks to the great success of this first intervention, it was decided to carry on with this project, starting a second phase. The remaining 47 blocks were prepared for a joint pictorial action. Therefor, in the heart of the neighbourhood the word ALMA (SOUL) was placed.


It is important that the ampliation of this project has a harmonic cohesion with the first phase. With that aim, the same language and typographic elements that were used in the first four buildings were used to maintain a common aesthetic.

A gamma of four warm colours in degradation is proposed, being completed with the colour white in some point to obtain contrast. In some locations that had special visibility or relevance in the community we proposed using the word to send messages that represent the neighbourhood identity and supports its people during their daily challenges.

Information and credits
  • In 2019, from May to June, we carried the intervention of three buildings, that added up to 7200 m2 in size.
  • Plastic water-based paint on brick wall
  • Infinite thanks to everyone that has supported us and made this possible. Ponce+Robles, for the connection and ADN Urbano, for including us in their project for renovation and social activation of the neighbourhood
  • Thanks to Irene G.  for helping us to shape the words until they were a perfect fitting glove for the buildings
  • And above all thanks to our Dream Team, that were constantly working those walls until they were finished. Zai, Tone, Waker, Gabo, Juan Ramón, Pedro, Manolo, Pepe Ramos, Los Ramones (Fernández and Correas), Cristóbal, Pepe Díaz, Pepe Moreno, Juan Velasco and Paco
  • Thanks to the La Paz neighbourhood for those two months filled with joyful intensity
  • Photos by Boa Mistura and Fer Taranco
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