Mexico City, Mexico

“Ilanmiktli” was an ephemeral intervention at the Centro Cultural de España in Mexico City. The project had a temporary character due to the restrictions derived from the pandemic. It lasted from May to September 2021 and focused on the only point of contact that the center had with the public space, a window that allows a view of Room 1 of the Cultural Center, where the cycle of performances took place: a stage for Memory.


This piece comprises two words: Memoria, in Spanish, and its equivalent in Nahuatl: ilanmiktli.

The coexistence of the two languages establishes a visible link between the work and where it is located: the ancient Tenochtitlán.

"Memoria" superimposes its seven characters and folds over the three vertical surfaces of the space, generating an abstract scenography based on the geometric and chromatic variations that happen from the interpositions.

"Ilanmitkli" appears on white writing, perfectly legible, inverting the historical order and thus being Nahuatl, the last layer on which to begin to build the new stories through the different cultural activations of the work.


Over two months, the mural executed in Room 1 of the Cultural Center became the stage and the starting point for an intercultural dialogue on memory through different performative actions under the cycle of activations: A Space for Memory. Efforts and performances by Concepción Huerta, Marisol Cal y Mayor with Hynab Ku Mata Karo, Camila Arroyo with Ricardo Daniel and Alvaro Ruiz Mayagoitia, thus generating new relationships through the window, which continue to build a memory associated with the Mexican cultural syncretism.

Information and credits
  • 25 m2 aprox. intervention
  • Plastic paint on wall
  • Thanks to David Ruiz Lopez-Prisuelos, and Javier Rodríguez Lara for keeping the culture alive during those tough days
  • Execution team: Irene García, Javier Ballesteros
  • Photos courtesy of CCMEX
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