Identity / Pride

The Point, Salem

The Point is a neighborhood in the city of Salem that has been mutating its social fabric since its inception.

It went from being an area of great importance in the commercial development of Salem at the beginning of the 19th century, to a depressed neighborhood after the great fire of 1914, which devastated a large part of the city.

After the great fire, many of the companies based in The Point left there.
This left the neighborhood with a large population, mainly Dominicans and Puerto Ricans, unemployed and at risk of social exclusion.

The Point became known as “El Punto”, the most stigmatized area of the city of Salem.

The concept

From each of the two accesses to the square, we have launched a concept; Pride and Identity.
Both strongly linked to the neighborhood.

In an area stigmatized by the rest of the city, the residents of El Punto are proud of their community. Aware of their shortcomings, but also of their values.

Dominican and Puerto Rican blood runs through the veins of El Punto. It is evident in the music that comes out of the houses, in business and in sidewalk to sidewalk conversations.
That identity accompanies all those neighbors who live in the United States, but their home is in the Caribbean islands.

Information and credits
  • During the months of September and October 2019, the intervention of an area of ​​about 198 m2 was carried out in El Punto, Salem
  • Plastic water-based paint on wall
  • It has been a pleasure to be part of Urban Art Museum Punto in this transformation process.
  • Infinite thanks to David Valecillos for having us, Rubén Cerón for being our guardian angel and Mickey for giving us a home there
  • Thanks to the entire North Shore C D C team for the enthusiasm and for the truth that your project has
  • Photography by Boa Mistura
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