Madrid, Spain

Intervention at the «Muros Tabacalera» Urban Art fest, located at the Occupied Social Center Tabacalera, in the Lavapies neighborhood. The topic for this year was «The Luck».

Our work is born from casualty itself, from the randomness in the overlapped forms and typography from the seven letters of the word DESTINO (destiny).

It is random, but at the same time is the geometric representation of the synthesis of the concept of LUCK.

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Information and credits
  • 9 m2 mural, painted at a segment of the perimeter wall of the CSO Tabacalera, at Miguel Servet street
  • Painted during the third week of June 2019
  • Plastic water-based paint on wall
  • Commissioned in the context of Muros Tabacalera by Madrid Street Art Project and the General Sub direction of Fine Arts Promotion of the Ministry of Culture and Sports
  • Thanks to all the team at Madrid Street Art Project for letting us be part of the festivall
  • As well as the rest of the artists whom we shared laughs and inspiration: Dafne Tree, Kenor, Eltono, An Wei, Ampparito, Manolo Mesa, Mario Mankey, and Pelucas
  • Photography by Boa Mistura
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