2019, 2020
Berlín, Alemania

A perimeter fence of 350 linear meters surrounds the Bauhaus-Archiv plot during the three years that the construction of its new building will last.

In December 2019, when we started the first stage, we had the honor of being in charge of creating a temporary skin for what will be the new archive. As a multidisciplinary collective, our work moves between architecture, design, typography and color.

Bauhaus and its teachers are parents of the visual and creative universe to which we belong, and a permanent reference for us, they have inspired many of our lines of work both directly and indirectly. In this project we have worked directly with the tools taught by some of the Bauhaus masters.

In October 2020, we started the second stage:

Information and credits
  • Se intervino una valla perimetral de 350 metros de longitud, en Berlín, durante el mes de Diciembre de 2019
  • Pintura plástica de exterior sobre madera
  • Gracias infinitas a Yaesned, por contar con nosotros allá donde vas, nuestro Boa de los Balcanes
  • Bauhaus-Archiv, por hacernos parte de la historia de la institución. Es un privilegio inmenso
  • Gracias a Ger y Javi, más por las noches que por los días
  • Fotografías por Boa Mistura.
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