2019, 2020
Berlín, Germany

A perimeter fence of 350 linear meters surrounds the Bauhaus-Archiv plot during the three years that the construction of its new building will last.

In December 2019, when we started the first stage, we had the honor of being in charge of creating a temporary skin for what will be the new archive. As a multidisciplinary collective, our work moves between architecture, design, typography and color.

Bauhaus and its teachers are parents of the visual and creative universe to which we belong, and a permanent reference for us, they have inspired many of our lines of work both directly and indirectly. In this project we have worked directly with the tools taught by some of the Bauhaus masters.

In October 2020, we started the second stage:

Stage 1: 2019. Herbert Bayer & Josef Albers


Leaving our trusted typefaces, we worked with the ITC Bauhaus (Ed Benguiat), inspired by the mythical Bauhaus Type created by Herbert Bayer in 1926. Taking it out from scale, fragmenting it and overlapping it, typography has been an excuse to generate geometric rhythms that will accompany us throughout the tour.

Almost like a musical score.


We have looked for the palette of the work in the infinite studies about the color interaction of the master Josef Albers. In these, Albers concluded that in visual perception, we almost never appreciate colors as they really are, which makes it the most relative medium of art. Josef Albers denies the color systems, defending a study method based on the observation of color within its context.

Stage 2: 2020. Josef Albers & Gunta Stölzl


Once again, moving away from our trusted fonts, we work with an experimental modular alphabet by Josef Albers. Use squares, circles and triangles to generate a typography that offers us interesting possibilities when it comes to compose and superimpose.


Gunta introduced abstract art to canvas, reflected in shapes and colors. We have been inspired by the color range of this rug for its balance between harmony and contrast.

Information and credits
  • A 350-meter-long perimeter fence was intervened in Berlin, during the month of December 2019
  • Plastic water-based paint on wood
  • Thanks infinitely to Yaesned, for having us wherever you go, our Boa straight out of the Balkans
  • To the Bauhaus-Archiv for making us part of the history of the institution. It is an immense privilege for us
  • To  Ger and Javi,thanks for the nights more than the days
  • Photography by Boa Mistura.
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