Bouillargues, France

This mural belongs to the “Harmonies” series. It is in Bouillargues, a small town at the Southeast of Nimes, Francia. “Avenir” represents the future which the young generations from this public high school represent to the town. As well as the initiative by all the educational team for making alternative activities that empower and encourage the youngsters.

Iniciative and design

On January the 5th, 2020, we received an email from Dolores Corzo, the Spanish course teacher at Les Fontaines School in Bouillargues, a small village close to the city of Nimes, in France.

The text was a simple Spanish composition exercise in which they asked us to “come and decorate the high school.”

A year after our positive reply, we found ourselves painting a mural at the school’s main entrance in which the 30 3éme LCE Spanish students who wrote the email took part in the concept design.

We made a concept design workshop where we taught how to draw letters and look for appropriate words for the mural. This way, they got to understand all the work behind the mural.

As a result of the workshop, we chose the word AVENIR (future), and then we designed it as a part of the “Harmonies series.” Finally, we set a transparency effect on the letters creating complex color harmonies.

Information and credits
  • Mural size approximate: 18 m2
  • Plastic paint on cement
  • Thanks to all the students and educational team from the Les Fontaines Middle School for the warm welcome, specially to Dolores Corzo, for her amazing initiative
  • Executuon team: Irene García, María Corrales
  • Photos by Boa Mistura
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