Terms and conditions

Boa Mistura’s customers benefit from a 12-month manufacturing guarantee from the date of purchase of the product. This warranty is only applicable to manufacturing defects and will be void when the tare occurs for reasons attributable to the customer. Any product that has been subjected to manipulation or modification is also out of warranty.

After twelve months, the provisions of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users (Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007 of November 16) will be applied. More info here

Ultimately, the customer is bound by the terms and conditions specified in the guarantees of the products that are the object of the purchase from Boa Mistura.

The guarantee applies as long as the product is handled under normal conditions determined by the artists. Boa Mistura is not obliged to indemnify the user or third parties for the consequences of the use of the product, whether direct or indirect damage, accidents suffered by people, damage to non-product property, loss of profit or loss of profit, damage arising from deterioration or loss of data.

Products are out of warranty for the following reasons:

  • If they have received, once delivered to the client, any damage due to external events or accidents.
  • If they are damaged by improper handling by the customer.
  • If they have been modified or manipulated by non-Boa Mistura personnel.
  • If a fault occurs caused by a component not supplied by Boa Mistura.
  • Where appropriate, if the general conditions imposed by the artists for a particular product so indicate.


Changes and returns before 14 days

The customer may return the order within the first 14 days from receipt thereof, except for personalized orders. Previously, the return will have to be agreed by sending an email to store@boamistura.com.

The total (or partial) order will be returned to Boa Mistura with POSTAGE PAID AT THE CUSTOMER’S CHARGE. Once the order status has been received and reviewed, the amount of the order will be returned, discounting the initial shipping costs.

In case of an error in the order by Boa Mistura, Boa Mistura will take care of the order collection at the same address where the initial order was delivered, proceeding to send the corrected order. If the product is returned incomplete or damaged, the return will not be accepted, with the customer paying the appropriate shipping costs. Claims will not be dealt with in relation to orders after 14 days, except in the case of a manufacturing defect. Claims due to errors in the conception of the order on the website will not be attended. What is indicated in the order is what is sent, unless the buyer contacts Boa Mistura by e-mail to store@boamistura.com BEFORE the shipment has been made. We will do our best to fix it. Please ASK in case of doubt about any configuration, doubt or article, we will answer you as soon as possible.

Product change under warranty

In the event that the product presents a manufacturing defect during the warranty period, the customer will have to agree to the return by sending an email to store@boamistura.com. The order will be returned with POSTAGE PAID AT THE CUSTOMER’S CHARGE, previously agreeing on the type of shipment. Later, Boa Mistura will pay these shipping costs. Boa Mistura will not pay the shipping costs if they have not been previously agreed. If the return is made because the customer considers the product defective and upon receipt, Boa Mistura verifies that its manufacture is correct and that the problem was due to incorrect handling by the customer, the customer must bear the expenses generated by the shipping, both outbound and return. If the product is damaged due to negligence or incorrect use of the customer, the customer must bear the costs generated by the shipment, both outward and return, as well as the cost of a new product.



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